Consight Ltd. provides construction field management software for better collaboration as well as quality, safety, and document management in the projects with easy to use mobile tools and web application. Our construction management software offers powerful features like tasks and observations and their assignment to different parties in the project. Other features included are creating checklists of the inspections, project monitoring and the unique feature for approving issues observed on the construction site. The app is specifically designed for supervisors, inspectors, as well as construction workers and builders.

Task management with observations

Quickly create observations on-site. Take photos and add markings if needed. Mark the location of the observation onto the floor plans.

Assign categories to the observations, such as task, fault, deficiency, safety or situational, and inform the responsible parties of the observations. Utilize speech recognition for the observations' descriptions.

Quality inspections on construction sites

Create and modify inspections and their requirements, with help from provided inspection templates. Perform, review or comment on inspections.

As an inspector, enter values and comments to the requirements and check (accept/reject) them. Attach observations to the inspection and any of its requirements. Forward information about the deficiencies and faults to the responsible parties immediately.

Task list for managing and overseeing of construction sites

Efficient task and project deficiency management, featuring notifications of urgent tasks, enabling real-time progress monitoring.

Manage the approval process of the tasks and repairs. Display real-time log of comments and modifications for every task. Make your own to-do list.

Occupational safety inspections

Create and perform weekly occupational safety inspections, using the standardized Finnish format.

Attach observations to any category of a safety inspection and forward them to the concerned parties.

Web application for administration of construction projects

In our web application, it is possible to manage and monitor the projects. Available are administration features, such as project and inspection creation, report generation and user management. Having access to floor plans and reports in the same application helps reduce office hours. Stay up-to-date on the projects via real-time data that is generated in the field.

Scheduling with Gantt chart(Beta):
Add work phases, connecting the responsible workgroup or subcontractor. Review and edit in Gantt chart -type visual interface. Modify the length and order of the phases easily.

Document management and browsing

Review project documents, such as floor plans, time schedules, and contracts on a mobile device or using a web browser.

Customize the folder layout to suit your project's needs.


We also offer services like quality inspections for the contractors, builders and property managers using our own software.


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